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BATZ group

BATZ is part of MONDRAGON, the largest cooperative Industrial Group in the world. As part of MONDRAGON Automocion, BATZ has an endorsement that provides our CUSTOMERS with the assurance and peace of mind that comes from working with a reliable supplier.

Stamping dies

Always in a close relationship with the CUSTOMERS, 1n 1963 BATZ Stamping Dies began designing, manufacturing, trying out and maintaining Automotive Toolings. Our large experience combined with a continuous update on technology take us this knowledge-based activity.

Automotive Systems

In 1982 BATZ Automotive Systems started its activity oriented to serial products manufacturing. At present, our engineering and production capacity installed around the world, offer competitive solutions to the global market, starting the development from customers concept designs.

After a long term co-operation offering lightweight and safe systems to the global automotive market, FPK, a company established in 1993, joined the BATZ Group in 2010. This meant an increase in own technology capacity focused on the use of new materials and technologies for weight reduction and therefore CO2 emissions.


2005 BATZ Energy. A new diversification activity from the automotive sector to the Renewable Energy Industry, using our expertise in the mass production, and levering on the company’s core capabilities. This business area started manufacturing mirror holders and heliostat components for CSP and is already running new innovative systems.


In 2015 BATZ AEROSPACE began serial manufacturing of low volume special alloys for the aerospacial industry. Levering on BATZ’s expertise in advanced materials and hotforming, this new activity targets the main aircraft manufacturers.

Nowadays BATZ has people in more than 20 facilities spanning across the world. We work in partnership with practically all main vehicle manufacturers and other emerging industries where our knowledge and expertise allows us to provide innovative solutions to solve their challenges.

Anytime anywhere.

Our vocation for service means we can position ourselves wherever our clients need us: close to the project, inputting all our experience and expertise in combination with our client’s capabilities to guarantee the success of every project.

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